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genre: Rock & Roll
streams: 163

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Gin Palace
About Us Gin Palace
'Gin Palace' is an exciting band specialising in playing a great variety of popular, well known music, for all venues, all private functions.

With varying styles to suit your requirements, the band can perform rocked out amplified gigs for a big night of partying and dancing, to chilled out acoustic sets for café style gigs.

'Gin Palace' has the versatility to suit your location, event or venue.

The band only use quality equipment to achieve the best sound possible.

All are experienced musicians who have played in many different cover bands over the years. All the members of 'Gin Palace' were in the originals band '4Eulogi', '4Eulogi' had performed on the “Good Morning Show” and “Top Of The Pops” and had released two singles nationwide. All members of the band have had years of live performing and studio work experence.

'Gin Palace' is a polished and professional act.

For bookings or more information contact:

Waylon McPherson

Waylon also is a Guitar Tutor, and Scott is an Audio Engineer (The Gin Palace songs were recorded and mixed by scott).

If you are looking for a Guitar tutor, or an Audio Engineer to mix your music just drop an e-mail to ginpalaceband@hotmail.com and we will get back to you  
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