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genre: Alternative
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About Us initial

initial (no caps) are a 3 piece alt-pop-rock band from Auckland made up of Simon (guitar/vox), Craig (bass/vox) and Oskar (drums/vox).

We have around 30 original songs ranging from light-hearted acoustic love songs to all out neck-jarring, child-upsetting rock epics, and we have recently recorded a three track demo CD at the Rock Factory.

We draw from our collective influences including Weezer, Alice in Chains, The Beatles, Tool, Foo Fighters, Gravity, Various cartoons & movies, milk etc, and incorporate the vocal abilities of all three band members in our songs.

We are passionate about our music, and love performing for an audience.

'initial - the barbed wire breakfast cereal'

Weezer, Tool, Faith no more, initial, others...
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