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Jim Cartwright
About Us Jim Cartwright

Jim Cartwright. A singer/songwriter and the CEO/Producer of Intl Recording artists. Fame & Fortune Ents. Nashville TN. Jim has had great success with his album featured here titled 'Pieces'. Jim's song 'talk to me' reached #1 on rockabilly radio USA.

Followed by another #1 titled, 'I'm so lonesome I could cry'. Originally a Hank Williams song' Jim covered it with great success.

Not only is Jim a very talented singer/songwriter/producer but also

has that rare ability to be able to spot a #1 hit when he hears it. Jim has been in the music business for over 35 years and very seasoned in his profession. Jim's album 'Pieces' along with his album 'love letters' were nominated for 6 Grammy awards. Jim and his band are wanting to share his music, old & new with all New Zealanders Live 2009 approx. Dates and more information on Jim's background in the music industry shall be available ASAP. Enjoy the music and  hope to catch up with you soon.