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John Goudge - Fool Circle - album out now.

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John Goudge - Fool Circle - album out now.

John Goudge - Fool Circle, the long awaited studio album from the Auckland singer/songwriter, was launched with a sell-out theatrical show at Titirangi Theatre on April 3.You can get your copy of the CD now by: going to www.amplifier.co.nz, by going to Go West Music, 29 Totara Ave, New Lynn, Waitakere City, Auckland, or by going to the STORE section here at Home Grown Music.

“Outstanding…”“I FRIKKIN LOVE IT!” “So much put into every detail...” “Wicked… What a luck find. ”the long-awaited debut studio album from West Auckland singer/songwriter John Goudge “brilliantly original — Fool Circle is outside the square...” Preview or buy from: www.amplifier.co.nz (as CD or digital downloads) Go West Music 29 Totara Ave, New Lynn,Waitakere City, Auckland, or go to johngoudge.com

John Goudge
About Us John Goudge

About John Goudge John Goudge is an experienced & West Auckland singer/songwriter, actor, director & performer.  His song Coma has made number 1 on the Amplifier.co.nz main chart (April 2008). In 2010 he released his album John Goudge - Fool Circle. 

The music is original & engaging. It can easily sweep from rock to pop to jazz, all in the same set. And to see the band live is a treat—all that energy on stage.. The band can also serve up a mix of cover songs if required.

Contact:  John Goudge, 4 Rimu Rd, Waiatarua, Auckland, N.Z. ph (09) 814 9744. Email: goudgedrama@zip.co.nz

more info about John Goudge at www.johngoudge.com

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