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Wild Winter Warmup 19 August 2011

user image 2011-08-05
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Wild Winter Warmup 19 August 2011

John Goudge Band and Powertool Recordspresents: Wild Winter Warm-Up Friday 19 July at the Dogs Bollix Irish Bar, 2 Newton Rd, Auckland. Outstanding original music to warm-up to featuring John Goudge Band & friends. Acoustic - Rock - & Dance sets. Real live music from 8.30pm. Lots of warming up for only $10 pre-saleor $15 on the door. go to www.johngoudge.com for details, or www.undertheradar.co.nz

John Goudge
About Us John Goudge

About John Goudge John Goudge is an experienced & West Auckland singer/songwriter, actor, director & performer.  His song Coma has made number 1 on the Amplifier.co.nz main chart (April 2008). In 2010 he released his album John Goudge - Fool Circle. 

The music is original & engaging. It can easily sweep from rock to pop to jazz, all in the same set. And to see the band live is a treat—all that energy on stage.. The band can also serve up a mix of cover songs if required.

Contact:  John Goudge, 4 Rimu Rd, Waiatarua, Auckland, N.Z. ph (09) 814 9744. Email: goudgedrama@zip.co.nz

more info about John Goudge at www.johngoudge.com

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