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This Ones for Terry

album: On the Air
genre: Instrumental
streams: 242

This Ones for Terry
24/03/20 05:03:19 @hodobre:
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Rum & Boogie Band
About Us Rum & Boogie Band
The Rum & Boogie Band" hail from Auckland. Audiences of all ages are surprised and amazed by "Tiny Thompson , Max Purdie and Rex McLeods" on stage versatility, showmanship, and creativity. Their wide variety of musical sounds, are derived from the influence of many artists. The fun and the music, that just "happens" wherever they are performing, is not soon forgotten. Members of the Rum & Boogie Band were also in a band of the 70's called "HARVEST" that got back together last year for a 30th anniversary for the now mostly Grandparent aged HARVEST fans. Whether lead singer Tiny Thompson is singing or playing the guitar, regardless of what style of song he is performing, his voice will surround you with the full resonance and presence that most singers just don't have. He will tell you, "It is just a gift on loan to me for a while, like everything else". He has the ability to rock your soul, and make you laugh. all, signs of a truly wonderful performer and entertainer. Together Tiny, Max and Rex make an unstoppable combo.

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