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The Robba   How It Go   07 Loose In The Booth (Feat. JCK)
The Robba   How It Go   05 Last Weekend (Feat. Goblin)
The Robba   How It Go   08 Bang Bang Bang
The Robba   How It Go   02 How It Go
The Robba   How It Go   01 Don't Try
The Robba
About Us The Robba

The Robba - Any Fear EP 2007_________

The Robba - Self titled album 2008_________

The Robba - Free Dome album 2010_________

The Robba - How it Go album 2013________

The Robba - Awesome Songs Compilation Album 2015_______

Get all the robba albums at http://www.therobba.bandcamp.com

See THE RoBBA Music videos here: __ http://www.youtube.com/therobba

Obie Trice, Bjork, Angels and airwaves, Biggie, white zombie, gravediggaz, meshuggah, katatonia, deftones, eminem
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