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FIIN's debut EP release - 24th Sept 2011 @ Medusa

Well...the challenge has been put to FIIN many a time to come up with a CD.     So, turning pockets inside out, digging behind the sofa and scraping all the coinage together - FIIN have managed to book some studio time to produce a self funded EP...    

Titled Self Falgellation, the songs chosen for the EP have been picked purely by requests from FIIN fans.     All will be revealed on the 24th at what is looking to be a sold out event!     Held at the Medusa Bar, 154 Vivian st Wellington - Tickets have been booking fast and anyone hoping to catch FIIN and friends on the night are advised to get in touch by either means listed below - otherwise there is a chance you will miss out...     Check out www.facebook.com/FIIN.nz     or email queries to FIIN@hotmail.co.nz        

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FIIN ep release

By admin, 2011-10-05

 The night was a hit! Please visit our facebook page to have a listen to our tracks:       http://www.facebook.com/FIIN.nz        and/or download our tunes by using the link:       http://www.amplifier.co.nz/release/76216/self-flagellation-ep.html

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